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NAME: Kelvin Leathem.

BORN:  in Warrington, Cheshire.

POSITION IN BAND:  Multi-Instrumentalist/Occasional Vocals.

 INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Currently Piano Accordion, Fiddle, Penny (Tin) Whistle, Harmonica, Bodhran, Drums, Glockenspiel. and Mandolin

     My first musical influence was my late Father, who played the Piano Accordion...and so I received every encouragement from him, once it became apparent that I had a natural gift for Music. I began by playing the Accordion, and gradually taught myself a few others along the way.

     My debut in the music world, was in the late nineties, when I played as a Drummer in a Rock Band, during which time I became a member of a small group of Musicians who got together weekly, to teach disabled people to play various musical instruments.

    After moving to Macclesfield in 2004, I began meeting other Musicians from all over the UK at jamming sessions, and eventually...after playing in several other bands...teamed up with Phill, Glynne & Zeb, and 'Ragtag' was born.  

Although music is my first love...(I'm sure that's a song title??)

My other interests include Travelling & Scuba Diving.  

Kelvin Leathem.  Tel: 07547 276543.