RagTag Contact details:  Glynne Davies  email :  Glycar@aol.com www.glynnedavies.co.uk                 Tel:      0161 355 3052


I started on Guitar in the early 1970’s encouraged by regular visits to Poynton Folk Club to hear the fabulous artist and bands that were on the folk scene, running Venture Scouts at the time in Woodford together with a couple of other leaders we would knock out a few songs at camps (Wild Rover, Leaving of Liverpool, Mingulay Boat Song and others) influenced greatly by one of our favourite folk performers the late Johnny Silvo.

Having left running Scouts in 2000 I had a lot of time on my hands so started to play the guitar and sing more seriously.  Visited local folk clubs in the Stockport area and started my own club at Woodford British Legion. Poynton Folk Festival used Woodford Legion as one their bases, another base was the local pub The Davenport Arms and a  singaraound session folk club started up there as well. Meeting Kelvin at a music session a couple of years before we formed a duo called ‘Twist of Fate’.  We met  Zeb at the Davenport Arms and Phill at Woodford Legion, we played regularly together in sessions for about 3 years. Phill then asked if we could form a band for his Running Club’s fundraising night and RagTag was born.

I play guitar, bass and cahon (drum box) in the band, sing some of the songs and join in some of the choruses.